Chloe Wordpress Theme

Created: 16/11/2013
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version: 1.2.0
First of all I would like to thank you for your purchasing my theme from ThemeForest. In case of having any questions, please feel free to ask me about. To contact me via e-mail, you can use this link.

Table of Contents

  1. A) Getting Started
  2. B) Page Layouts
  3. C) Shortcodes
  4. D) CSS Files and Structure
  5. E) Javascript
  6. F) Sources and Credits
  7. G) Support

A) Getting Started

01. Theme Upload & Activation

Upload the non-zipped theme folder called "chloe" into the /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server. Or you go to your WordPress Admin Area to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes and click Upload. Browse for the non-zipped theme folder called "chloe". Once you have uploaded the Theme go to the WordPress Admin Area to Appearance > Themes and activate your new Theme.

02. Theme Options

If you want to change the general Options of the Theme, go to your WordPress Admin Area to Appearance > Theme Options. Here you have a tabbed Navigation where you can change a lot of Options of your new Theme (General, Styling, Social Media Options, skins)

03. Language translation

If you want do translation theme, Go theme files > languges And open your language file with poedit software and Translation.

04. Sidebars

Four sidebars comes with the theme: Blog Sidebar, Portfolio Sidebar, Resume Sidebar and Skills Area. You can make changes by the method of holding and dragging from the Appearance > Widgets page. Also, in Appearance > Sidebar Generator page, you can create Sidebars as much as you wish. To use Sidebar which you have created, select it in the page which you wish to use it in, then save it.

05. Widgets

The theme comes with 2 widgets: " Recent Tweets " and " Skills ". Skills widget can be used only on Skills Area Sidebar, by dragging and dropping it to skills area. When you create a Resume Page, then this field will be appear.

06. Setting up custom Pages (Home,resume, portfolio, contact, about me)

07. Menu

You have to set up custom menus, for your Navigation to work properly. This Theme comes with a custom menu location at the top of the Page - the Main Navigation. Go to your WordPress Admin Area and navigate to Appearance > Menus. Now click "add menu". You can display Custom Links, Pages and Categories in your Custom Menu.

if you are finished with your Menu, Save changes and click on "Manage Locations". Choose your menu for "Main Menu" and again save. main menu is now ready!

B) Page Layouts

Your new Theme comes with some awesome custom page layouts. These layouts can be used on any page you create to give them some special functionalities. To set up a custom page layout go to your WordPress Admin Area and navigate to Pages > Add New. Now you can choose any template you like from the "Page Attributes" on the right side.

C) Shortcodes

This theme comes with some very useful short codes included. Shortcodes are a very powerful way to insert custom functions directly into the main content of a WordPress page or post. You can use them in Blog Posts, Pages and even Widgets and Widget Titles. Here is a List of all Shortcodes included.